Franchise  Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a Domino's franchise?  

The cost of a Domino's franchise can vary depending on many factors including the location of the store, landlords' site contributions, size of the premises, level and type of equipment and so on. 

A new Domino's store generally costs between $500,000 - $650,000 + GST, with an initial franchise fee of $60,000 + GST. 


What are the ongoing contributions? 

Each Domino's store contributes a royalty fee of 7% of gross sales and a maximum of 6% of sales towards national advertising. 


How much available cash/equity do I need to purchase a Domino's franchise? 

​The minimum requirement for investment is $250,000 + GST in cash and/or available equity.

As most banks will usually lend up to 60% of the total investment, this figure includes your 40% initial investment, working capital and legal/document preparation fees. 


How do I finance a Domino's store? 

Each prospective franchisee is responsible for arranging their own finances.

Domino's has relationships with all of the major banks and are able to put prospective franchisees in touch with lending specialists who understand our business and are able to assist.  

How long does the whole process take? 

You could open your new store in 5 months, however each store and situation is different and process time may vary. You need to allow for 8 weeks training and for the store build to be completed. Your cooperation with the Franchising team will ensure your application progresses as quickly as possible, particularly with regards to the prompt completion of any necessary documentation. 


Can I have other businesses and/or other form of employment?

Operating a Domino's franchise is a big commitment and requires the full focus of a passionate owner-operator. There is a lot of physical time and energy required to operate a store on a full-time basis and for this reason we require that the franchisee have no other business activities or other forms of employment to be successful for a Domino's store. This means that the owner of the store is unable to hold any other directorships, even if they're passive or self-managed investment. We are looking to partner with passionate and dedicated franchisees who are looking to grow their Domino's portfolio rather than diversify their business interests with other business activities of other forms of employment. 


Do I need to have citizenship or permanent residency?

It is a non-negotiable prerequisite that all parties on the Sub-Franchise company entity be permanent residents of the country in which the store is located. This policy applies to the majority (or 51%) share holder, any minority business partner/s and the spouse of the 51% majority shareholder. The Spouse of the majority (or 51%) shareholder in the Sub-Franchisee entity is required by DPE to be a Guarantor under the Sub-Franchise Agreement. For the purposes of this Policy, "Spouse" means the married or defacto partner of the 51% Shareholder.  This includes a couple, of any gender, living together on a genuine domestic basis. 


How much money can I expect to make?

Earnings from a store can vary widely and Domino's cannot guarantee the earning potential of a store for a number of reasons; the most important of which is the excellence in operational standards upheld by the Franchisee. There are business risks involved in starting any new business and earnings are not predictable. For prospective franchisees who have successfully progressed past the initial stages of the application process, we are able to provide the necessary financial data for each applicant to perform their own independent due diligence. 

Is there a limit to how many business partners I can have?

While there is currently no limit to how many business partners you can have, it's important to understand that we will be considering the financial viability of the store with regards to the number of applicants to ensure that it's going to be financially sustaining based on the number of partners. It's important to us that our franchisees are set up for the best chance of success. If a store is unable to financially support the business partnership structure we may deem the application unsuccessful. 


Will Domino's find the location and fit out the store?

Domino's has a dedicated team to coordinate the entire process from site selection to having the store ready for opening. The Leasing team in partnership with our Development team coordinate the site approvals, store fit out plans, applications, construction/fit out, total project costings and so on. All products used in a Domino's store are prepared to a standard specification of Domino's and are supplied by the nominated approved distribution centres.


Do I need to have restaurant or retail food experience?

No experience is required although related experience is useful. Domino's will provide comprehensive training at our own stores. The passion and effort of the Franchisee is the most important element of success.


Can I sell my store at any time? 

Yes, should your circumstances change and you wish to exit the business you can sell your store at any time.